Let’s Piss Off Everyone Else

Some people love goals. Their lives are filled with awesome aspirations and details on how to get there. Others, however, tend to steer away from their dreams. Many of us struggle with a fear of failure. Sometimes other people in our lives – parents, teachers, even a spouse – have filled our heads with the bullshit that we can never accomplish our goals. Maybe we battle procrastination or we don’t see the purpose in going after something that we are convinced will just fall apart anyway.

So what’s with these people who create and maintain their goals? Why do they do it?

Before we start setting these massive, intimidating goals, we need to understand why they are important. There are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Goals give us purpose and a reason to push forward
  • Goals help us in bettering ourselves and striving for growth
  • Goals piss off other people

Yes, I added that last one because it’s true! We may struggle with self-improvement because a ton of us don’t feel like we deserve it. Low self-esteem is the strongest enemy of goal setting. BUT… most people enjoy proving the naysayers wrong! If nothing else, setting a goal – and achieving it – will prove to others that we can do anything we set our minds to, other people be damned.

Back in the day, I had a couple of people who truly believed that I would never finish high school, much less go to college. Not only did I graduate in the top 10% of my class, I also took a semester of college that I paid for out of pocket. I saved up the money purely so I could prove them wrong. I’ve had people tell me that I wouldn’t be able to survive on my own, start my own business, or publish my own book – all of which I did just to piss them off. Since then, I’ve become determined to accomplish my goals for me, not for anyone else. Because screw them.

So if goal setting seems terrifying, just know that I get it. But it’s definitely one way to start in the right direction of getting your shit together – and that’s something that we can all strive for more and more each day.

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