I am a badass.

More than likely, you’ve heard of positive affirmations. But in case you haven’t, here’s the run down: a positive affirmation is a statement that you tell yourself about yourself that is positive or uplifting. Affirmations sometimes feel awkward and silly but they are proven to have make a difference in your mood, the way you tackle the day, and your perspective of yourself. Start each day with an affirmation and see how it changes you! In time, you can create your own so that they best suit what you’re going through. For now, here are some positive affirmations that you can start with:

I am a badass.
I am worthy of ________________.
I have a strong spirit.
I can accomplish anything.
I will meet my goals.
I am great at _____________.
I will overcome my addiction(s).
I am not afraid.
Today will be a great day.
I have the strength I need to get through the day.
I am loved.
I will focus on the present.
I have control over myself.

Note – When creating your own affirmations, remember that these are positive! Write them in the positive and leave out the words “not,” “don’t,” “can’t,” etc. Reword them to be focused on positivity so that your day is filled with exactly that. Example: Instead of saying “I won’t be controlled by my past,” write it as “I release myself of my past and will control my own future.”

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