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“Having a life coach is a helpful and awesome service when provided by the right person; and Amber Jewell is that right person. She is real, blunt, honest, and super helpful! Amber is a person just like me, with a past and good and bad days. She has lived and experienced her own fair share of life kicking her in the ass. However she has taken all that life has thrown at her and used it to help others who are struggling. She made me acknowledge things about myself that are hard to admit. For example, in order to live my best life and be my best self, I have to take care of myself. Amber helped me reorganize my thoughts and helped me work on myself. She gave me all the tools, but I had to do the work. I can’t express how much I appreciate having my family and friends acknowledge my better attitude and lighter mood. I still have work to do but, with Amber’s help and my efforts, I know I can accomplish any goal that I set. A life coach is just that: a coach to help you make a game plan, to score a goal, to win this twisted game of life. The coach doesn’t play the game, she just gives you the best plays to win.”

Scherrie Weibe


Life Coaching Certification
Mindfulness Certification
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Certification

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